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The Press Kit!

design by elia laourda
photos by ilektra poirazoglou


Happy 2013!

Interview on “Echomove artistic magazine” (in Greek)
Go to p.62 & 86 & 132 to find our blurbs!



The box-less version of our LP is now AVAILABLE in our “BUY”section!!!



Hello good people; Two things we wanted to share with you.

1) The box-less version of our LP will soon be available for your buying pleasure

2) The yet unreleased track “chickens of the sea” will soon be up, so stay with us!



Ilektra Poirazoglou just got word that her stop motion animation film “Think Kites” based on our track “kites” will be featured on and competing at “animasyros 5.0“! May Toutatis and Belenos be with her!


ON 2/JUNE/2012