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“anu” is the culmination of a creative process spanning from the late zeros to late 2011. The music itself being the brainchild of Ilias Pantoleon was co-materialized with Mampre Kasardjian, Francesco Alessi, Cory Bracken, Stanislav Nikolov, Michael Hanf, William Lang, Kenneth Advocat, and Andrew Kozar in Athens, Greece and in New York and Brooklyn, NY.

The album, “kites”, amongst other things, proposes an organic interaction between a chamber ensemble and a modern band, the barks and wailings of stray dogs with bass-drone mayhem, the simplicity of a Waltz with the intricacy of fabricated soundscapes, and fiddles with the fine line between irony and cynicism, humor and pathos.

You can find more about the particulars of the music on the “Music” tab.

We wholeheartedly dedicate this record to our friend “animal nudity”

Released by FooN records © 2011